Tuesday, March 29, 2005

LIFE - Back to the Grind

This has been the longest month of my life, and I still have two weeks left to go before I get my bar exam results. I've been very busy lately, trying to sort out what to do with my post-school self, and getting bogged down with everything else in the meantime.

The law practice is still a possibility. I'm enjoying working with our business clients, and not just because we bill hourly. Work is coming, though not quickly enough for my taste. Hopefully things will pick up once I have my license.

The Attorney General's office never did schedule an interview. The person making the hiring decision kept getting delayed and hung up in Springfield and I eventually just stopped trying. The other day I read that Illinois has a huge problem with failures to report juvenile sex offenders to schools. I suppose that would keep her busy.

I do have another interview, though. I'm trying to land an adjunct professor's position at John Marshall Law School's legal writing program. God only knows I've done enough of that to be qualified. It's not exactly what I want to teach, but it is teaching, and it's a way to get my foot into the proverbial door. Maybe between that and developing a solid independent practice I'll be able to land a full-time teaching job if I can get some more writing done.

Speaking of writing, I actually heard from Alex that our Shards of the Stone comic might not be dead. He's the artist half of the team. Turns out that he actually heard from the guy writing the checks. Hopefully he'll see some money for Issue 1 and we can get to work again. It'd be nice to write something that isn't law-related again.

Dave is calling me to bed. More later!